ICF Coaching Training Program in Singapore

25th Batch 27 to 30 Nov 2013

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60 hours Coaching Training Program approved by International Coach Federation

the Most Affordable ICF Coaching Certificate Training Program taught by World-Class certified Master Coach with more than 15 years of cross-cultural training experiences. You will earn the title as a Qualified Coach according to ICF standard upon completing your training.

 What is Professional Coaching? It is an exciting and challenging career that equips people with the skills to improve the quality of their personal and professional life through meaningful conversations. It is about helping people realize what needs to be changed and provide them with the necessary support to experience change. Hence, a Coach is someone who is committed in helping people realizes their ideal life by keeping them focused, challenged and motivated.

Through the coaching process, the Coach empowers people by helping them to gain insight and acquire a vision for their lives. Armed with a personal vision of who they want to be, people then formulate clearly defined goals and devise specific action plans where they can intentionally steer their energy towards achieving them.

Our Coaching Training Program was successfully launched in Singapore, Jan 2013. This marked the opening of our 5th Coaching Center in Asia’s market since our establishment in 2011. In less than a span of 2 years, we are offering our coaching training in Almaty, Istanbul, Hang Zhou, Bangalore, Delhi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Colombo. We have almost 200 graduates completing their coaching training with us since 2011.


Our Achievements in Singapore for 2013.

We have successfully launched 3 batches of coaching training in Singapore within a span of 6 months from Jan to Jul 2013 with about 31 participants completing their training. Almost half of them are already ICF Members by now and vast majority in the process of preparing themselves to become ICF Credential Coach.

Here what our graduates from Singapore shared about their learning experiences:

“I strongly encouraged that anyone who desires to help someone struggling in their present situation to help them out to take up this coaching training program. Participants will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and the commitment of the Master Coach, Ben is committed to helping his students to improve their coaching skills. Participants at the same time will also gained a greater awareness of how life coaching can help they themselves to navigate their own challenges in life.” Jeffrey Woo, School Teacher

“I find this coaching training program very fulfilling. There are lots of sharing sessions, insight thoughts and practical sessions that help to understanding the concept of coaching. I strongly believe this will enhance my coaching skills in helping people. Ben Koh, the trainer has rich experience in coaching and he made lessons fun. He gave very useful tips and feedback to increase our knowledge in coaching. Ben is a great motivator to me.” Gina Koh, Program Manager

“I was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the experience of coaching and getting coached. It was a journey of self-awareness, obtaining deeper insights into human nature and experiencing the positive impact of coaching. It has improved my conversations with clients resulting in more fruitful discussions and outcomes. I am amazed how simple, thoughtful questions can uncover layers and go deep into a person’s make-up, resulting in the client obtaining awareness and help. This program will be particularly useful for supervisors and managers who need to inspire, encourage and lead teams to success.” Angela Kuek, Director at The Meyer Consulting Group.

Video Interview: What can you say about the standard of our training?

Melvin Chai, Principal Consultant of Lifeskill Enrichment shared about his learning experience

Program Review by our Program Directors

Markus Nater, Director of Bangkok Coaching Institute

Cong Tran Tien, DEO of Vietnam Coaching Institute

Your Investment:

SGD1800 for 4 Days Core Coaching Training

SGD2800 for Comprehensive Package that enable you to apply for ICF Credential Coach


If you wish to speak to someone in person, you can connect with our local Program Directors
Vincent Soo, Director of COACH Venture
contact: 9694 1462
Ian Tan, CEO of Lifeskills Enrichment
e-mail: iantan@lifeskills-enrichment.com.sg
contact:  97773437  or 63461455

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  1. Honey Gudh says:

    I’m keen to become a life coach. Would appreciate if you can provide with detailed information about the contents, duration, fees, accomodation options and career prospects as a free lancer life coach.

    I look forward for an early revert.
    Honey Gudh (India)

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